Kohler, Wisconsin.

Kohler, Wisconsin.

This past November, Connor and I decided to take a getaway to Kohler, Wisconsin. It is a place I had briefly stopped by earlier in the year, and knew I wanted to spend a bit more time. We opted for a two night stay, and about 48hours in town. 

Kohler is a small town in Wisconsin about 2 hours Northwest of Chicago, and about 45 minutes Northeast of Milwaukee. It is a town of about 2,000 people, and is named after the Kohler family. 


We opted to stay at The American Club which is in the center of most of the festivities located in Kohler. The getaway was for relaxation, so we scheduled a few services at the water spa: a couples massage and the river bath. The Kohler Waters Spa is one of the best spas in the country, and known for its bathing services. The spa is located next to The American Club, and is a short walk across the hotel to the spa. You can enjoy any of the day-spa if you've scheduled a service, so in addition to our scheduled services, we enjoyed naps by the pool, the sauna, steam room and hot tub. An added benefit? Using all the state of the art Kohler products not only in the spa, but in your hotel rooms, too. By far the best shower experience we've ever experienced. 

Day 1: 

Connor and I checked into the spa a bit early, so we could unwind next to the pool. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a spa concierge that ensured we each had robe, sandals and a locker. We nibbled on chocolate covered almonds and enjoyed some tea before our 50 minutes couple's massage. We truly enjoyed our massage, and it was the perfect amount of time. We spent about 2 more hours at the spa that day before checking into our hotel and heading out for some dinner. Things to note: the spa has a small pool and large hot tub that both men and women can use. Additionally, each the men's locker room and women's locker room each have a hot tub, steam room, sauna and small wading pool. 


After a few hours at the spa, we checked into our suite and headed to dinner. We opted for casual wood-fired pizza at Il Ritrovo in Sheboygan which is about 15 minute drive from Kohler. We enjoyed a Prosciutto e Bufala as an appetizer and each opted for a pizza. After that, we headed home to unwind. 

Day 2: 

We started our day with breakfast in The American Club at The Wisconsin Room. The food was quite good, and we definitely enjoyed our breakfast. For foodies from Chicago, I will say the pricing is about on par with brunch in Chicago, but the food is less creative. If you're staying at the hotel and looking to save a few bucks, pick up free coffee in the sitting room before heading to breakfast. 

We popped into the Kohler design center to check out the newest gadgets in bathrooms and kitchens. It's free to the public and definitely a fun little tour. Additionally, they do give tours of the Kohler plant, but we didn't have time to stop in. 

Because Kohler is so small, you can hop on the free shuttle from any destination and have it take you to another part of the resort. We opted to take the shuttle to Blackwolf Run. Blackwolf Run is located on a nature preserve, so we spent a few hours hiking through the woods. It was incredibly quite, peaceful and beautiful. We spotted many animals including lots of deer. We finished up as it started to rain, and headed to our next spa appointment. 

On the second day, we opted for the River Bath treatment which essentially is a full body scrub down, 15 minute bath with essential oils and minerals followed by a full body moisturizer. After that treatment, we spent some more time in the spa before heading to dinner. Things to note: the spa is only open to guests of The Carriage House and people getting services on that day. While we did go during the week, we found that it was steady, but not overwhelmingly busy. Beds by the pool are certainly first-come-first-serve. 

For dinner that night, we headed to Cucina. It's within walking distance of the club, and our dinner was apart of the package we selected prior to our stay. (Our package is no longer offered, but you can view the new ones here.

That night, we spent time in the sitting room by the fire. We sipped on coffee and played our version of chess. 

Day 3

We opted for breakfast in The Greenhouse which is conveniently located in the garden area. Great coffee, nice treats and a gorgeous setting.  As today was our last day, we planned to enjoy trap shooting at the River Wildlife Club. Things to note: you have to schedule your time here in advance. On the previous day, we thought we could just show up and do trap shooting, but you have to give them at least 24hours notice. This is a private club, so only people who are eating at the lodge or have a reserved time can be present. Connor and I both agreed that this was by far our favorite part of the trip. We arrived a bit early so we sipped on hot apple cider and played scrabble in front of the fire. We did trap shooting with a guide, and before long even I was catching on! After trap shooting, we enjoyed lunch at the lodge before heading home. 

Overall, Kohler is a great place to go if you're looking for a little weekend getaway. While neither of us are golfers, they do have some of the best courses in the country for those that want to golf. The service at every place we went was top-notch, and we thoroughly enjoyed the mixture of outdoor fun with complete relaxation. 

Northwoods, Wisconsin.

Northwoods, Wisconsin.