Favorite Blogs to Follow.

Favorite Blogs to Follow.

I love to wake up early on Saturday mornings and peruse my favorite blogs while drinking my coffee (recipe below!). It's the way I feel inspired, relaxed and rejuvenated. Over the past year, I've curated my favorites into a few select categories. Each blog offers something unique and has a specific voice. Personally, I think content is key, and even if I'm there for a style post, there has to be substance to it.

 Are any of yours on my list? I'd love to hear some of your favorites, too.


Camille Styles // One of my every day favorite blogs. The curation of entertaining, recipes, beauty and women's features is one of my favorites. Camille does an excellent job of making her lifestyle seem effortless, healthy and calm. Favorite kind of posts: recipes, beauty and entertaining. 

The Skinny Confidential // I've been following Lauryn for almost five years. I enjoy the fresh take on healthy living, workouts and beauty. Lauryn's voice is sassy, flirty and honest which I appreciate. Favorite kind of posts: healthy tips & tricks, workouts, beauty and business advice. 

Gal Meets Glam // If The Skinny Confidential is sassy and flirty, Gal Meets Glam is sweet, girly and sophisticated. Unlike Lauryn's blog which I read top to bottom, I use Julia's blog as more inspiration. Her style is impeccable, and definitely my dream closet. (I'll admit that I don't use Lauryn's style posts for inspiration since we have different styles.) However, if Julia and Thomas write about beauty or travel (they've been EVERYWHERE) , I soak that all in. Favorite kind of posts: style, beauty and travel. 


Into the Gloss // The blog is a mixture of beauty tips, products and reviews. This is the blog for the beauty girl who loves to look fresh, but not overdone. Favorite posts: #IGTopShelfies.

Sivan Ayla // Sivan's makeup and beauty style is fresh which is why I love. Her YouTube videos are easy to follow and incredibly helpful. I also love that, like me, she doesn't love the feeling of too much makeup on her skin. Favorite posts: beauty and home decor. 


This Darling World // This is my friend Lily's blog about her travel adventures with her husband. What I love most about her blog is, unlike Gal Meet Glam, her travel tips are more in line with my budget. She shares tips about traveling on a budget, finding great AirBNBs and how she creates her itineraries. Favorite Posts: Exploration and Best / Worst Travel Experiences

History in High Heels // Ashley has incredibly detailed itineraries, and lots of traveling tips especially for Italy. If you're planning an European getaway, definitely check out her blog. Favorite Posts: basically all her Italy posts since we're planning a trip there next year. 


Danielle Moss // I'm starting to think Danielle was an interior designer in her former life. Come decorate my house next, please? I love following along as she decorates new apartments or, currently, her new home. I'm using it as an inspiration for our new place. Favorite posts: decor and personal. 


Cup of Jo // I love following Cup of Jo's weekly round ups of links and the beauty uniforms. All of the ladies she interviews for beauty uniforms exude cool. While we're not parents, she also writes and edits impeccable posts about motherhood. She pushes the boundaries about motherhood and I appreciate that. (A recent post about raising a transgender child was fantastic.) Favorite posts: weekend posts and beauty uniform. 

Les Filles // So wishing I remembered an ounce of French. But, I do love seeing what these women wear, what they covet and how they decorate. It also encourages me to start practicing my french! Favorite posts: Inside Closets 


Favorite Coffee Recipe

I like to make our coffee in the french press. I played around with drinking coffee with almond milk, but the texture was just too watery for me. I found myself craving cream again. But dairy milk is so bad for my skin...YUCK. So, I switched it up: after making the french press, I blend with a one-third cup of full fat coconut milk. The texture is way creamier, and tastes like a latte. The coconut milk adds a bit of sweetness, so I don't even need stevia. 

At Home Facial.

At Home Facial.

February, 2017.

February, 2017.