no. 1: eats + reads

no. 1: eats + reads

Happy Saturday, friends! It's hard to believe that we have the windows open in FEBRUARY! It's a nice change since most of the winter we are hibernating. It feels great to get some fresh air through the house. Grey is lovin' it, too.

Last night, Connor and I saw Glengarry Glen Ross at our Alma Mater. It was SO good, and it was crazy to think I graduated seven years ago, and haven't seen a play there since. I need to make seeing them a priority. It was great seeing all the faculty and the new students. 

I've received some requests to know what Connor and I eat during the week, so I thought I'd start a little series called eats + reads. I love sharing my favorite articles throughout the week, so I'll be doing that as well. 

Meal planning for us used to be a bit tricky. Connor is allergic to poultry and legumes, and I'm a vegetarian. I think after three years of living together, though, we've found our rhythm.

This Week in Meals

Sunday // sweet potato and poblano soup

Monday // quinoa, kale and sweet potato salad

Tuesday // Dinner at Vol. 39

Wednesday // caramelized onions and mushroom pizzas

Thursday // grab and go at Chipotle since we had volunteering that night 

Friday // tacos -- I don't really have a recipe for this! I usually buy the pre-cut cauliflower and sautaee with coconut oil and a little taco seasoning

Saturday brunch // blueberry ricotta skillet cake


Favorite Reads + Things

Learning more about what a hijab means to women.

Need to visit all of these places.

These photos make me want to visit Puerto Rico!

Can't stop listening to this remix of one of my favorite songs.

This article made me cry, and solidified the change I want to make in this world.

Can't wait for my new ring to arrive. 

Happy weekend -- XO

no. 2: eats + reads

no. 2: eats + reads

At Home Facial.

At Home Facial.