no. 3: eats + reads

no. 3: eats + reads

Happy Friday, friends! Connor and I have a jam packed weekend ahead as we are looking at new places. We saw fiveplaces on Wednesday, and they all had us thinking, "should we REALLY move?" We're seeing about five more this weekend, so hopefully they're a bit better. 

Truthfully, I've struggled a bit this week because we're facing some behavioral problems with Grey. Unfortunately, our little one has lashed out at me quite a few times this week, leaving me with some major cuts on my feet and legs. Thankfully, my friend Kelly recommended a vet who we are seeing tomorrow, and we're going to a cat behavioralist next week. (I feel SO Portlandia saying that, but it's the truth.) 

I also went to my first town hall meeting on Monday, and it gave me a lot of hope and energy for the months to come. I am inspired by the amount of people getting involved in their local government and making a real change. 


Okay, so we didn't eat at home much this week. I also realized that Whole30 is not realistic for me as a vegetarian as I wasn't getting enough nutrients, and my overall energy was very low. So, we are still cutting out (most) simple carbs like bread, pasta, rice, but I'm listening to my body more, and if I need some, I eat them. We are still not eating dairy or drinking alcohol. 

I did however, make this for dinner last night, and it was good. I think it might be even better if you switched the squash to a sweet potato. 

Also, sweet potato avocado toast is my new favorite lunch. I love to top with pomegranate seeds!


Chrissy Teigen proving I want to be her best friend more than I already did.

How music always tells us what is going on in our world. 

Women bashing women is so not cool. Be the kinda girl that tells another girl when she has spinach in her teeth.

Gotta get back to Charleston and visit all of these places.

Not a read, but my new coordinates ring came, and I'm in love. Connor wants one, too! (I picked the coordinates for our first place together.)

Chance the Rapper donated  $1 million to CPS.

no. 4: eats + reads

no. 4: eats + reads

no. 2: eats + reads

no. 2: eats + reads