no. 4: eats + reads

no. 4: eats + reads

It's a cold, rainy and gloomy Friday here in Chicago. Thankfully working from home allows me the pleasure of curling up on the couch. 

Last weekend, after a rocky Saturday, Connor and I made the decision to stay in our current place. As we started to see more places, we realized we actually have it pretty good where we are currently. Truthfully, we had our heart set on an adorable Andersonville apartment, but realized that it was lacking quite a few things we really want: dishwasher, parking, easy laundry, easy access to transportation and our gym. When we started to add it all up, it really didn't make sense to move. Oddly enough, the landlord called me Monday morning to tell me that even though we were the first to apply, they gave the apartment to a current tenant in their building. I took it as a sign that we were making the right decision. 

After we made the decision, I felt like a huge weight lifted off of us. Between new jobs, new pets and wedding season, it wasn't an ideal time to move. Besides, I'm not sure I'm quite done with Wicker Park, Bucktown or Logan Square just yet! 


Monday // Quinoa Greek Salad. I've perfected my own recipe, but this one is pretty close. I usually put parsely in instead of oregano, and use just lemon, EVO, salt and pepper. I like to make in big batches, so have leftovers for lunch. 

Tuesday // Rangoli. We ordered take out Indian food, but are starting to think our stomach can't handle the spice as much as they used to.

Wednesday // Sweet Potato Burgers. A recent favorite.

Thursday // Stuffed Butternut Squash. We skipped the chickpeas and orange juice. It was tasty, but we think we'll just make the salad portion from now on or stuff in a sweet potato. Squash just doesn't have as much flavor. 

Friday // Mushroom gnocchi with arugula and walnut pesto. We haven't tried this yet, so I'll report back!

Lots of Reads This Week!

These all look delicious.

The cheapest places to visit in Europe right now. Austria is high on my list for NYE!

These mini me's made me smile. Especially the super chunky cat!

The beauty-obsessive in me cannot wait to try these.

I want to see these ladies perform!

The important of free school lunches.

march reads.

march reads.

no. 3: eats + reads

no. 3: eats + reads